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Lost Boys 2

this is somewhat-Goonies related since both Coreys are in it... wait, was Corey Haim even in the Goonies? Ummmm.... ok, well anyway-

So the 'Lost Boys 2' came out this week on dvd and after seeing the trailer and watching 'The Two Coreys' on A&E, I've been a bit weary of actually watching this sequel eventhough I've been wanting a sequel to be made f-or-e-v-e-r and I've seen the first at least a thousand times---- but I've been watching it since I found it online earlier today ( and I'm about half-way through... *deep breath* Is anyone else going to watch this movie?

1. Corey Feldman looks exactly the same age as when he filmed the first movie~ CREEPY!!
2. the brother and the sister go to a party and then the brother meets some random slut and is like "oh, yea- of course we can f*ck in the shower of this random house" WTF?!
3. I really liked Kiefer Sutherland and his mullet... I guess his brother Angus did a good job as the new vampire hottie but he could have been more evil
4. what the f*ck was up with the opening scene where they chop off and kick that guy's head in the ocean?! that was really LAME!
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